Our Mission

Our mission is to aggressively advocate for the religious liberty of Christian employers and for a fair and free marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to thrive and compete.


Advocating for Christians in the marketplace who simply want to run their business.


Educating Christian business owners about the threats and challenges facing employers today.


Celebrating the impact Christian employers have on Ohio every day who demonstrate the love of Christ to their employees, customers, and the community.

Christian Business Partnership exists not only to defend your rights in the economy, but to ensure a business environment friendly to businesses throughout Ohio.

Right to the Marketplace

First amendment protections for Christian businesses and business owners are of paramount concern.

Regulation Reform

Less red tape means more innovative and
creative problem solving by the business community.

Strong Families Strong Economies

The more secure our families are, the better workers and economic activity will come
from it.

Dignity of Work

Having a career is part of one’s vocation,
placing an emphasis on fair wages and honorable work.

Law and Order

Our communities deserve protection, and that can only come from supporting law enforcement.

Workforce Development

Education helps not only the employee, but also the business.