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We envision an Ohio marketplace where business leaders of all faiths are free to compete, grow, and bless their community.

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Restoring the American Promise. Together. 

Christian business leaders are a force for good. Beyond job creation and economic growth, Christians in the marketplace are often the unsung “salt and light” in their community.

Yet today, Christian business owners face unprecedented hostility. Whether it’s from agenda-driven media, activist lawmakers, or unaccountable bureaucrats, the ability to operate and compete freely is threatened like never before. The rise of “woke capitalism” undermines their ability to simply run their companies and serve their customers and employees.

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A New Approach for a New Day

The Christian Business Partnership is here to stand for Christians in the marketplace. By uniting Bible-believing business leaders across Ohio like never before, we will ensure the Buckeye state remains a state where people of all faiths are free to grow their companies and raise their families.
Our innovative approach to responding to the rise of woke capitalism, cancel culture, and threats to Christians in the marketplace revolves around three key strategies:


for a free and fair marketplace for Ohio Christian businesses.


members on the threats facing Christian business owners and help them navigate complex regulatory environments.


and promote the incredible positive impact Christian business owners have on our communities, state, and nation.

“The Christian Business Partnership has been a valuable resource in connecting me with other like minded business leaders and offering opportunities to hear about what is happening in Columbus at the state level that may impact my business”.

Jonathan Perry | Rustbelt Coffee

“At the heart of Christianity, Jesus came not to be served but to serve and to give His life for others. The Partnership allows for business owners who have this worldview to sharpen each other in their attempts to follow that model”.

Jonathan Jakubowski | Smartsolve Industries

There’s always great synergy when people with similar values work together. There are many benefits to being a part of this community where we’ve become affiliated with other business owners who are willing to live out their faith in the workplace, and where we can learn and grow from them. The Partnership is working to create an environment in the state of Ohio that’s fertile for businesses in general, and specifically businesses built on Christian principles. I think that’s important to support.

Brian Karmie | ForeverLawn

The Benefits of Partnership

Benefit Programs

Members get access to programs assisting them in the management of their business, including The Partnership’s Cornerstone Health Care Program.

Government Relations

Access to legal resources, experts on First Amendment issues, and The Partnership’s Public Policy and Government Affairs teams.


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Legislative Luncheon – October 22nd

October 22, 2024 | 12:00PM - 01:30PM

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